2st Term (January - March)

Summer Season

For those from America or Europe, the seasons are reversed here in Argentina. This means that for us, January is in the middle of the summertime, and with the summertime comes camp season. After returning from Christmas break, our students will experience bible camps firsthand as they are placed in select service assignments such as cooking, cleaning, media, and counseling campers. Saying hello to the second term also means saying goodbye to the first in a big way. Our students will complete their Spanish classes in term two with a final project. This project includes an oral exam in which the students work together in teams to put on sketches to showcase just how much they have learned from hours upon hours of conversation and classes.


After the end of summer camps, we begin preparations for our annual missions trip! In past years our students have had the opportunity to go to Chile, Paraguay and even spend a little time in Brazil. Whether we stay in Argentina or visit another country, we consider this time the second most important for them. This trip allows the students to DEEPEN not only their language ability but also their walks with the Lord. During this busy season, the students will serve with hands and hearts as they meet people from brand-new places. During this time, students will visit schools, adjoining towns, churches, Bible clubs, small groups, and any other places they can serve and share the gospel. This season is about taking and making the most of what we have. Focused on practical, hands-on service, the students can take all they have learned from classes alongside what the Lord has taught them personally and utilize it in a ministry context.