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Bilingual Bible Program

One year that will change your life!

2 continents, 3 countries, 2 different cultures 

in 10 months. Study God’s Word, become fluent in Spanish, and create Christ-centered friendships with other believers.
It’s an opportunity of a lifetime!
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we are a christian program

The Bilingual Bible Program in Argentina is a 10 month Gap Year program that offers recent high school graduates and young adults the very best opportunity to study the Spanish language through immersion in professional classes, conversation and daily contact with people from all over South America. The theology classes challenge their spiritual grown and prepare them for ministry work in a variety of contexts. Through classroom study and interaction, the student is guided to discover God’s purpose and plan for their life along with opportunities to serve him around the world. The main focus of the BBP is to develop both the personal and spiritual components of the individual through the study of God’s word and the nurturing of discipleship relationships. Our campus is located on a beautiful lakeside property in San Miguel Del Monte in the province of Buenos Aires.

We are just 2 hours south of the capital city of Argentina and 1 hour from a major international airport. For more information please request contact at the bottom of the page. While there, take a moment to review some of our campus pictures, videos and other details such as our short-term mission trips opportunities for churches and youth groups.

what you do

Develop deepen discover

Equipping a generation of bilingual Christians and mobilizing them to share Christ through their life calling.

Develop your spanish

The BBP program offers you the best opportunity to learn the Spanish language through professional classes and daily contact with people from all over South America.

Deepen your faith

The main focus of BBP is to develop both your personal and spiritual growth through the mediums of studying God’s Word and counseling relationships.

Discover your calling

The Bible Institute will take you out of your comfort zone and prepare you for different kinds of ministry for the purpose of discovering God’s plan for your life and to be able to serve him better.

what they say


” BBP has changed my life. it has given me a new perspective about the different side of the world. it has challenged me immensely spiritually and mentally. if i could do it all over again, i would. “

Grace Boundy

” BBP has given me amazing opportunities to grow in my relationship with God, learn His way for my life, learn Spanish fluently, and make life long friends. “

Sarah Sparks

” BBP Argentina has helped me grow in areas in my life exponentially. Through the ups and downs the Lord has been shaping and molding me into a better person! If you are given the opportunity to come here, do it! “

Micah Spruance

” I have grown tremendously because of the BBP program. It certainly is a life-changing experience that you don’t want to pass up. “

Megan Park

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Equipping and mobilizing young adults to: Develop their Spanish by immersing them in the Argentine culture and intensive language classes. Deepen their faith through theology classes and one-on-one discipleship. Discover their calling through local church ministry, summer camps, and mission trips.

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