Why Special Edition?​

As you know, the BBP is a ten-month program with the vision to enable young people to develop their Spanish, deepen their faith, and discover their calling. Normally BBP takes place in Argentina, but due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, no students can be accepted in Argentina at the moment. After much prayer we had to make the hard decision to once again delay our “Back on Track” BBP Year.  However, where one door closes, God opens another. We are very happy to be able to present the BBP 2021/2022 Portugal/Argentina to you. This year, we have the great opportunity to start the first 3 months (the first semester) in Portugal together with Word of Life Portugal with the plan to continue BBP in Argentina from January 2022* as the situation in Argentina allows.

Information / program


  • September – December you will be in Portugal at Word of Life and will be able to participate in various ministries there
  • You will have Spanish classes with native Spanish Speakers
  • The accommodation will be in shared rooms (4-6 persons)
  • Mission trip to Spain!
  • Service Opportunities: One of our goals is to have a discipleship with our students and for them to be able to share the Gospel to others, that is why we will serve alongside Word of Life Portugal with their kids, youth and local church ministries. We will have a mission trip to Spain and participate in the WOL youth event, “Avivando el Fuego”. We will continue to look for more ministries opportunities around the community that we will be in.

Learning Spanish

  • We try to offer you the best possible environment that will enable you to achieve a fluent level of Spanish as soon as possible
  • In Portugal, there will be 8-10 hours of Spanish lessons per week
  • In April*, all theology courses will be taken in Spanish (for those who now think this is impossible, trust me, it isn’t!) Here you will actually enter the 1st year program and when you finish BBP in July, it will also be the end of the first semester of the 1st year (explained in more detail below).
  • Starting in January*, in Argentina, you will share your room with 3 Latin American students, which allows for complete immersion in the language. Your daily program, such as mealtimes, worship, and work, is the same as that of the Latin American student body. You will also receive more intensive Spanish classes.

Deepen your faith

  • September – December: Weekly theology courses in German/English (with translation), as well as a mission trip to Spain.
  • January – March: Summer Camp and mission trip to Argentina*
  • April – July: Monthly theology courses with the Latin American student body in Spanish, in Argentina*.
  • Each student is assigned a mentor who accompanies them through the entire process


PORTUGAL (September- December) $3,950 Dollars

ARGENTINA (January-July)*: TBD


PORTUGAL: September 13 – December 5, 2021

ARGENTINA: January – July 2022*

*Note: Our plan is to continue the BBP in Argentina from January – July. However, we are dependent on the Argentine government and the restrictions due to COVID-19 there. In November we will evaluate the situation in Argentina and determine if the program can continue in Argentina or not. If this is not possible, the BBP will finish in December after your stay in Portugal. We’ll inform you as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding, and we pray that the Lord may guide us in everything and give us wisdom to make the right decision.

We are excited to meet you! Please send us an E-Mail to hello@bbpargentina.com for more information.