If you have the desire to support the work of the Lord in Argentina, you have the opportunity to do so here through a donation.

The Bilingual Bible Program is part of the Bible Institute of the Word of Life Argentina, which is the Biblical Education Center for Argentina and all of Latin America for aspiring church workers, pastors and missionaries. Every year, more than 400 students from all over the world come here to prepare for the Lord’s service, but unfortunately many cannot afford to study here or are in debt at the institute. If you have a request to support a Bible student to study here, then you can make a donation choosing the Argentina BI Scholarships Project. God bless you!

Every year on the mission site, from January to February, evangelistic summer camps take place, aiming to reach the Argentine youth with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Around 500 youth from all over Argentina arrive at the WOL Camp weekly, and each year we are astonished to see how God enters and saves the lives of so many young people. Many local churches would like to invite more young people from their neighborhood to a Christian camp, but many cannot afford to participate. If you have a request to make a donation to support an Argentine youth to take part in one of the WOL camps, feel free to donate to the Argentina Camp Scholarship Project. The Lord bless you!

Word of Life Argentina (Spanish: Palabra de Vida) tries every year to reduce the cost of summer camps, as well as the Bible Institute, so that as many students as possible can go to the Bible Institute to study. However, due to the strong influx and unstable economic situation in Argentina, prices are very high, and many urgent renovations and improvements in the buildings or equipment are not possible. If you have the desire to donate to Missionary Mission WOL Argentina, then send a donation to Argentina Contribution. The Lord bless you!

The missionary work team Word of Life Argentina does not include paid employees, but is made up exclusively of missionaries, who are working full time in a variety of fields and need donations to service the Lord. Due to the economic situation in Argentina, living expenses and the missionaries, who are dependent on the donations, serve here with the trust that God supplies them. If you want to donate to a WOL Missionary, choose whom you want to support from the list below. God bless you!

The Bilingual Bible Program has existed for 20 years for English-speaking students with the goal of equipping them with a deep biblical education and the teaching of the Spanish language. There is still a lack of funds for necessary equipment, such as a mini van to be able to do different trips with the BBP group. Other purchases include building equipment and the possibility of a mission trip to Europe are in planning. If you have a desire to donate to the Bilingual Bible Program, then send your donation to “Argentina Special Project” and support BBP.